At Canvases for Christ, it is important to us to serve you with the best customer service we can. Since every piece of art is hand-painted and custom made to order, there is a no return, refund, or exchange policy on all online orders. If you have any questions, please let us know! 


Canvases for Christ ships all orders out from Asheville, NC. Order processing can take up to 48 hours. If you need your order to arrive by a specific date, please contact us with those details to make sure that your order will be sent out to you as soon as possible. Due to every piece of artwork being hand painted, there could be a longer expected delivery time than you choose at checkout. Please account for it least 1-4 weeks after your order has been placed for you to expect to receive your order. Please keep the processing time in mind if you need your order by a specific date. We do not process orders on holidays or weekends between 5:00 pm on Fridays and 8:00 am on Mondays.



Step 1: Submit Custom Art Request 

When you submit your initial request for a custom art piece, keep in mind that it is the first step in the custom art design process. The custom art order timeline is mainly dependent on your communication with the artist on all details concerning your order. Communication with the artist on the details of your custom art order is done by scheduling a design call with the artist, and after that has taken place, via email, Social Media messaging, or text. 

Step 2: Schedule a Design Call (15-30 min)

At Canvases for Christ, it is important to us that your custom art order meets all your needs. For us to serve you the best we can, we ask that you schedule a design call with the artist to discuss your custom art order. The artist will reach out to you via email with availability to schedule the design call. 

During the design call, the artist will fill out an online custom order form that will include all the details discussed regarding your order. The custom order form will keep record of all the information for your custom art order.

Step 3: Approve Custom Order Form & Pay Invoice

After the design call, you will receive an email with the custom order form filled out and the invoice with a pricing quote for your custom order. The initial pricing quote of your custom order will not be communicated until after the design call has taken place. If there are any errors on the custom order form, you must communicate them to the artist in reply to the email sent with the custom order form, and the artist will make the necessary corrections, and if need be, will update your invoice to reflect the new corrections. 

Step 4: Delivery of Estimated Completion Date

The timeline to receive your custom art order will be communicated with you after you have approved the final custom order form and paid the invoice.

Once the invoice is paid, the artist will move forward with your custom order and communicate the estimated date to be finished and/or shipped to you. 

Canvases for Christ can not begin working on your custom art order until the customer's invoice has been paid and the custom order form has been approved. By paying your invoice, you approve the information on the custom order form is correct. Canvases for Christ is not responsible for any errors deemed by you if you have not reviewed & approved the information on the custom order form after you have paid the invoice.  

Important to Note: In your best interest, sometimes, there may be questions come up along the painting process that the artist will need to ask you before continuing to work on your custom order. This is due to making sure your requests are met. In the likelihood that the artist needs to ask you any more questions regarding your order after the custom order form has been filled out and approved by you, it is your responsibility to be available to answer them (by email, text, call, or instant messaging on social media platforms). Whatever has been the primary means of communication with your custom order is most likely how you will be contacted with any further questions from the artist. We ask you understand that if you do not respond in a timely manner, it can push back the estimated date of completion for your custom order and Canvases for Christ is not responsible for it taking longer than the estimated shipping date due to your delay in response time to answer necessary questions from the artist.

CUSTOMER REQUESTED COMPLETION DATES: If you have requested a specific date that you need it by, but do not provide the necessary details for the artist to move forward with the piece for the artist to feasibly be able to meet your requested date, then Canvases for Christ is not responsible. If the customer does not pay the invoice or all communicate design details with the artist, then the customer assumes responsibility for not receiving their custom art order by the requested date. Canvases for Christ will work with you to do what we can, under our judgment to do so, but it is up to Canvases for Christ to decide upon whether or not it can be done. 

At Canvases for Christ, we value you greatly, and we will work our best to meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out about any questions you have,

CUSTOM ART ORDER WAITLIST: In the case of high volumes of custom art order requests, your order may be placed on a custom art order waitlist. However, please know that in that case, we will communicate to you via email if your custom art order will have to be placed on the waitlist. The timeline of the waitlist will depend on the number of custom orders in total and could be 1-10 weeks after you put in order custom art order request in, but will be up to our discretion for that exact timeline. Again, it will be communicated with you along the custom art order process. However, if you want to rush your order, please reference below for that information. 

RUSHED ORDER UP-CHARGE: Only in certain cases, upon request, if a custom art order is needed sooner than the communicated shipping date (after all details have been gathered for the artist to move forward and after the invoice has been approved by and paid by said customer) after placing your initial custom art order, there will be a necessary up-charge for rushed custom art orders. The up-charge amount will be decided based on the artist's judgment and due to the nature of the custom art order. The up-charge will also include any extra shipping costs that are outside of the standard offered "free shipping on all online orders" that Canvases for Christ provides. 

We ask you to consider that with the custom art design process timeline, it can be largely dependent on how quickly or not you communicate to the artist with all details concerning your ideas/requests with your custom piece. The largest factor of how long a custom piece will get to you has to do with custom art is concerned with the deliverance of your needs as the customer so that the artist can fully move forward with the design draft or initial invoice request.

Your custom art order will ship between 8-45 days after the invoice is paid. This time frame will not be exact, and may fluctuate due to the nature of your custom art design requests. This timeline could also be more or less than 8-45 days dependent on if your custom art order if placed on the custom art order waitlist which is noted in more detail at the top of this page. Please note that the estimated ship date will be communicated with you as your custom art piece is worked on & after the invoice has been paid. 

As with any custom, handmade product, your order is subject to human error. In the unlikely event that the product was incorrectly made with a typo, wrong verse, or omission of one or more of your requests, we ask that you communicate to Bethany via email at to correct and/or rectify any errors. We would love to make it right and get your product back to you as soon as we can.

Reproduction Disclaimer: Please note that some product images in the shop serve as placeholders to give you a visual example and representation of the art piece you would be ordering. The images of each product give the best possible depiction of what it will look like, however, some pieces are made-to-order and are made as reproductions in order to best serve you, the customer. Therefore, this is just to inform you that your piece may not always be exact to the photo you see on the product image, it may have slight variations. Canvases for Christ works to best serve you in this way and the artist works to the best of her abilities to re-create that piece as best as possible to the displayed product image, please note that is it just may not be exact. 

Every canvas sold by Canvases for Christ is sprayed with a protective sealant so that your art piece will stay protected for years to come!


If you ordered a package and it was marked as delivered but you still have not yet received it, please take the following steps:

a. Check with your neighbors to see if the package was left there
b. Reach out to your local Post Office or UPS office
c. Contact us at and include your order number

Please report your lost or stolen shipment within 5 days of the marked delivery date.
Please note: Canvases for Christ is not responsible for refunding or reshipping lost orders due to an incorrect address or information provided at checkout.