Hello friends! 

I just wanted to reach out on here and let you know how important your safety is to me! I am taking precautions to keep you safe during my business operations & the painting of art offered here on Canvases for Christ. It is important to me to provide you with the best customer service I can, and to working with you for whatever you need! I am still shipping and selling my art and I will continue to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines during the duration and operation of my business.

This season of COVID-19 has been so hard on so many of us. I have been keeping everyone in my prayers and I pray that Canvases for Christ can only serve as a resource to encourage you and bring light to your life during this dark and uncertain time. I pray that you remember that no matter what, God is still good and He knows what he is doing. I pray that you can trust him, as its something that I am having to remind myself of every day. 

Because of COVID-19 there are a few products that I am unable to offer to you, and you will be able to see which ones when you view them in the product description. Once I am able to get my hands on the right materials for those products, I will make them available to you as soon as I can! I apologize for any inconvenience!

Thank you for your love and support during this time! You are so incredibly loved! (Romans 5 & 8)

CEO, Canvases for Christ
Asheville, NC